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Individualized and Holistic Annual Programs

We are now offering annual training, nutrition, and sleep/recovery plans that are personalized based on your individual goals, experience, likes/dislikes, equipment availability, medical/injury history, etc. Read on below for more information on these programs and how to purchase your plan today!

What's Included:


Annual, periodized training plan based on your goals (i.e., hypertrophy, strength, power, aerobic endurance, etc.) with workouts varying based on the focus for the training block/month

Nutrition & Supplementation

Calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient goals based on your long- and short-term health and training goals. General ideas for foods and recipes to include to meet these goals. Supplement recommendations based on your planned diet and training goals.

Sleep, Rest, & Recovery

Proper sleep hygiene tips and rest/recovery recommendations based on training experience and new training plan.

The Process:

To start, all you need to do is contact us using the contact page and state that you are interested in purchasing an annual program. You will then receive a FREE hour-long consultation in which we will discuss your goals, experience, and all matters necessary to create your comprehensive, individualized program. After this consultation, if you would like to purchase the annual program, you will then pay and your program will be sent to you in 2-3 business days.



Difference Between Annual Programs and Monthly Coaching Plans


Monthly Plans

  • Up to daily adjustments in training and nutrition plans based on training results, energy and sleep tracking, modified goals/likes/dislikes, injuries, schedule changes, etc. 

  • In-person training sessions and/or videoed form critique

  • 24/7 communication for:

    • Questions

    • Accountability

    • Monitoring of progress through tracking of body composition, sleep, energy, training performance, and calorie/macronutrient/micronutrient intake

Plan Capture.PNG

Annual Program

  • No adjustments after the consultation session/after the year-long program has been purchased

  • No in-person training sessions or form critique

  • No communication after consultation session

Overall, the monthly plans are greatly important for truly optimizing your training, health, and well-being. By building a coach/athlete relationship, we will better be able to formulate your program to help you meet your goals as we are able to monitor your progress and see what is working best and what can be improved upon. Working on proper exercise technique is also immensely important and with the monthly coaching packages, your program is often modified in order to improve upon this form and better meet your long-term goals. Finally, having a coach to hold you accountable and entrust your goals to, is also of great benefit. That being said, the annual programs are still a great option for those that are on more of a budget. Regardless of which service you desire, the initial step will be the same (a free consultation session); thus, we can discuss whether a monthly plan or annual program is best for you during your free consultation.

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