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In the movie Jerry MaGuire, NFL wide receiver Rod Tidwell explains to his agent Jerry MaGuire that he wants the quan – which he describes as “Love. Respect. Community. And the dollars too. The entire package. The quan.” For many reasons, this word and its context describe my philosophy for training. First, I fully believe that everyone can and should train like an athlete. Athletes like Tidwell have a goal in mind. In his case, the goal in sight was to achieve the quan. With this goal-focused orientation, athletes like Tidwell are able to implement habitual steps toward their desired outcome. They have ritualized their training process – and, many times, their entire life – around achieving this goal. Fortunately, Tidwell’s goal of achieving the quan is something that we all can strive for, whether or not we ever step foot on a field. After all, the quan is “the entire package.” Love, joy, success with relationships and at work, peace, confidence, and simply becoming a more holistic and evolved version of oneself. Clearly, these are goals worth fighting for; however, just like an athlete’s training, it will require ritualization and dedication. It requires showing up every day with the mindset that you are in training – training to function at your most optimal level and achieve the quan in your own life. It is my hope to use my background in medicine, engineering, and athletic strength and conditioning, to help you achieve your quan. To do this, we will develop optimal human functioning by cultivating habits in the gym, with nutrition, with your sleep, and with your overall mindset. I would love nothing more than to be the coach that helps you create these habits. In short, as Tidwell describes MaGuire at the end of the movie – I would love to be your “ambassador of quan!”

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